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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cause and Effect

Why does liberalism fail to advance quality policy intiatives again and again?

Why do liberal ideas fail to solve real world problems?

Why did the "Great Society," Communism, and Socialism fail to deliver on their promises?

The failure to understand cause and effect. Take Communism for example. Will the destruction of the "state" and common ownership of means of production motivate individuals (the proletariat) to work hard and find value on their labor (as Marx said they would)? No. Hard work (labor) results in ownership of means of production. Marx thought common ownership of production would inspire, instead it resulted in backwords economies still trying to recover from the depredations of Communism.

Next consider gun control. It is common knowledge in liberal enclaves like Harvard and Berkely that murder wasn't invented until guns were, so if guns are outlawed, crime will obviously decrease. News flash: crime happens whether there are guns are not. Britain's noble and proggresive gun control scheme is working quite nicely, since their violent crime is on the rise (while the United States' is on the decline).

Next: poverty and social programs. Are people poor because they refuse to work or because the Government isn't helping them? After many, many years of Great Society programs helping lift poor people out of poverty, we have discovered didn't really help that much. America provides the opportunities for people to succeed...people are (most of the time) poor because of personal choices. No amount of government handouts will change that. The EFFECT of government handouts is not lifting people out of poverty, but to condition them to not achieve because others will take care of them.

The reason liberals can't seem to get this whole cause and effect thing right? I'm not really sure. Leftists love to tell other people how to act, how to better themselves. This could just spill over into a belief that other people will act how a leftist thinks they should act.

Think Free, Live Free


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