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Monday, October 24, 2005

Brazil Rejects Gun Ban

In a recent national referendum, Brazil's citizens have soundly rejected a harsh gun ban that would have restricted possession of guns to a select few (read: rich) people.
A Reuters article cites the margin of victory for the pro-freedom side at 64% to 36%! All this in a country with the world's highest number of murders in the world.
It is true that Brazil suffers from enormous violence problems. If you have the most murders in the world, its a safe bet yours is not a safe country. But 64% of Brazilians recognize that banning guns from common people will not make the gangs and slums go away. It would only assure that the denizens of the slums and the gangs would be armed, but everyone else would not, allowing criminals to prey on those then disarmed.
This is truly a victory for freedom in the world, because of the democratic nature of this exercise and the fact that a continent's largest country stood up for freedom.

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