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Friday, September 16, 2005

Nominee Roberts on the 2nd Amendment

Per a tip off and post on Of Arms and the Law, Judge Roberts got asked about the 2nd Amendment in recent Senate hearings on his nomination. He was questioned by Senator Feingold, who stated in his opinion the 2nd Amendment protected an individual right. I wonder if Feingold voted for or against the Assault Weapons Ban? Feingold asked Roberts about the issue, and even brought up the Miller case from 1939, the only time the Supreme Court addressed the issue in the modern era. Feingold indicated that Miller held the 2nd Amendment as a collective right, but Roberts, being quite knowledgeable about the case apparently, said that Miller sidestepped the issue of collective v. individual rights. This is in fact what happened. Roberts pointed out the argument was made in Miller for a collective right and the court pretty much ignored it. This reflects an honest reading of the Miller opinion. I am rather impressed with Robert's knowledge of this obscure jurisprudence and some of his comments indicate a marked understanding of the issue, and maybe even sympathies toward the individual rights side....
text of hearing available here: transcript.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back from hiatus

A couple comments on the New Orleans disaster:

Everyone note the blame game going on. Local government blames the Feds, Feds blame the local government, etc. Not to igmore the obvious tragedy, but disaster relief is not a primarily Federal job. Last year after the hurricanes, Florida officials took care of on scene stuff and the Feds brought in money and some trailers for people to live in. Federal troops weren't required to patrol the streets and restore order. Everyone should be leery of making a habit out of deploying Federal troops inside the United States to "maintain order" because U.S. troops may not act as the police inside our borders.
Primary responsibility for disaster response lies with state and local officials, so perhaps we should ask the mayor of New Orleans why the city's school buses are under water and didn't lift thousands of people out of town?

Noticed a lot of blame being placed on the Homeland Security Department. Is disaster relief in that department's mission? HHHMMM.