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Thursday, May 19, 2005


It is hard to say what the biggest failing on Marxism is, the gross misinterpretation of human nature, or the unrealistic appraisal of history and future.
Private property, performance based rewards, freedom to be different, these are all essential to a prosperous society. Any post-agricultural civilization of small size needs them.
It is sad that so many smart people fall for the song of socialism or communism. Many of them make the mistake of assuming that people are self motivated like they are. Soviet doctrine strived to produce the "new" man, better then before. The problem is, you can program human beings all you want, using coercion, threats, etc., but you are simply going to have to re-coerce the next generation.
One of Marx's biggest errors in my opinion was the unrealistic assumption that the state would pass away. In all of the countries that have attempted to create a communist society, the state has yet to pass away and the utopia has not arrived. The "State" is a self sustaining creature, it will not pass away, no matter what Marx has to say about it.

Think Free, Live Free

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Having had its concealed carry law ruled invalid (it violated the state constitution's single subject rule apparently), the Minnesota legislature has sprung back into action. The state senate recently passed a new bill to re-authorize concealed carry in the state.
Excellent news for gun owners and all citizens of Minnesota. Spotted on
On thought: when the original bill was passed and the wild west predictions that are rampant in every state with a newly passed concealed carry bill where proved wrong (no outbreak of random violence, no crime wave by the permit holders), wouldn't it deflate some of the anti-gun groups' efforts?
Apparently not:{B1D169BE-CAC1-4A2C-ACEF-16AAA6240903}
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Just goes to show that the people who campaign against concealed carry and the right to self defense don't care how the facts, just about keeping those evil guns out of the hands of regular joes like you and me.

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