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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Second Amendment Scholarship

I ran across the Second Amendment Research Center at the John Glenn Insitute at Ohio State University a couple of weeks ago.
Recently I was reading on a couple of other blogs ( and and was alerted to a connection between the Second Amendment Research Center and the anti-gun Joyce Foundation. Geekwitha45 has an explanation of Joyce in his blog. (Recommended reading)

Observe this exerpt from the Glenn Institutes' press release:
:::::The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, drafted more than 200 years ago, is generating new controversy as courts struggle to determine whether the Amendment grants individuals the right to own guns or merely protects the states' right to organize a militia. The United States Supreme Court seemed to endorse the latter interpretation during the 1930s, and most courts had adopted that view. But now a number of test cases -- building on some recent scholarship, a Court of Appeals decision, and the Justice Department's new policy -- are working their way through the federal courts. The Supreme Court may address the issue during the next few years. :::::::

italics mine

The release states that the Supreme Court "seemed" to adopt the collective rights view. "Seems" to me like the individual rights view faces a threat from scholarship that "seems" to be unbiased and neutral, but is in fact bankrolled by an anti-gun organization. The press release says the Joyce Foundation gave a grant for the Research Center. The release also says that the "Research Center will also develop curriculum materials for high school, college, and graduate students. Ohio State will offer new interdisciplinary courses in the field, and high school teachers will learn how to incorporate Second Amendment materials in their courses. Cornell and Merritt stress that the Second Amendment debate is both inherently interesting to students and an excellent "case study" for understanding the ways in which courts interpret constitutional language and invalidate statutes adopted by a legislature."

Anti-gun scholars ARE going to try and shape the debate in schools. They know the collective rights view is in danger (example: the Justice Department memo, Emerson case) and they have take the offensive. They will do so posing as neutral scholars; the press release says that Research Center will present information from both sides of the issue. If anyone can find anything that "seems" pro-individual rights on the Research Center website, I'll give them a cookie.

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