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Monday, April 11, 2005

Ohio CCW's First Birthday

Ohio's concealed carry law is one year old. This anniversary passed without the doom and gloom so direly predicted by the gun control advocates in the state of my birth. There were fewer permits issued than were expected however. Gun control types tried to say that meant that the law doesn't represent the true majority of Ohioans. That is like saying that a law establishing a public park doesn't represent the majority of the people unless a majority of them visit the park. Or that corporations law doesn't represent everyone because only a small amount of people form corporations. Concealed carry in today's United States is policy decision that many legislatures have wisely made in the past couple decades, and everyone doesn't have to carry a gun for everyone to reap the benefits. The fact that criminals don't know who has a gun benefits everyone, and I feel sorry for everyone who walks around in fear of the people who got trained and applied for a permit. They need to be worried about the criminals who want to prey on them and every other peaceful citizen. And, they could always move to Chicago, where "civilized" folks don't carry guns, just cops, criminals, and politicians.

Think Free, Live Free
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